Call Centers

call center supervisor and agents

Empower your Call Center with responsive call flow enhancement and reporting to monitor real-time trends. From single-user call queues to the most advanced set of routing and call management options used in formal call center environments, we offer adaptive capabilities for all your business needs.

Call Center Features

NOTE: Premium Hosted PBX Seats include Basic and Standard Call Center features.

Feature Basic Standard Premium
Greetings and Announcements      
Entrance, M/VoH, comfort message Yes Yes Yes
Audio and/or video support Yes Yes Yes
Estimated wait time or location in queue   Yes Yes
Alternate comfort messages     Yes
Call Routing Policies      
Call distribution algorithms (all policies) Yes Yes Yes
Priority queuing   Yes Yes
Overflow routing policies (size and time) Yes Yes Yes
Bounced routing policies   Yes Yes (enhanced)
Stranded routing policies   Yes Yes (enhanced)
Rest wait time when entering queue Yes Yes Yes
Alternate Routing Policies      
Night service     Yes
Holiday service     Yes
Forced forwarding     Yes
Agent Availability Management      
Join/Un-Join call centers   Yes Yes
Set ACD state (available, unavailable, wrap-up)   Yes Yes
Automatic ACD state transition at sign-in     Yes
Automatic time wrap-up at completion of ACD call   Yes Yes
Unavailable codes   Yes Yes
Call Presentation      
Call center name Yes Yes Yes
Calling party name/number Yes Yes Yes
DNIS name/number     Yes
Calls in queue Yes Yes Yes
Call wait time Yes Yes Yes
Longest waiting call time Yes Yes Yes
Distinctive ring   Yes Yes
Held call notification   Yes Yes
Whisper message     Yes
Last agent sign-out warning     Yes
Call Handling      
Call transfers and conferencing Yes Yes Yes
Auto-answer incoming calls   Yes Yes
Escalate call to supervisor (consultative)   Yes Yes
Emergency escalate call to supervisor   Yes Yes
Assign disposition codes to calls     Yes
Barge-in on call (supervisor)   Yes Yes
Silent monitor active/next call (supervisor)     Yes
ACD Call Types Supported      
Inbound ACD call   Yes Yes
Outbound ACD call     Yes
Multiple DNIS numbers per call center (including prioritization and custom greetings)     Yes
Software Client Support      
Receptionist enterprise   Yes Yes
Agent   Yes Yes
Supervisor   Yes Yes
Max queued calls per call center 25 50 525
Reports Yes Yes Yes